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        ผล บอล ฟรี ลีก เมื่อ คืน

        Contractor UK is home to the UK's IT contracting community. Online since 1999, offering daily news & features, thousands of articles, contract jobs, rates, calculators & a very active forum with over 26,000 members. Contractor UK has everything for the successful IT contractor.

        Contractor Umbrella - Ltd & Umbrella?Award-winning, hassle-free umbrella company with over 19 years experience. Same day payments.

        Closing a Limited Company?Get a free quote from MVL specialists, Beacon.

        Contractor MortgagesMortgages for contractors based on contract rate

        Contractor Insurance
        Protect your business with PI insurance.

        Latest News

        Opportunities for techies on a temporary basis return ‘energetically’ to their pre-Christmas levels.

        Generic statement, or political message? Either way, the taxman wants the aim of the Health & Social Care Levy communicated.

        The off-payroll rules are a disaster much of the government’s own making. But as the PAC effectively got told, ‘not to worry.’

        Taxman asked to do better than the minister on disguised remuneration, by giving ‘direct answers’ that don’t ‘divert and confuse.’

        Findings from WondaPay lend credit to the Small Business Commissioner’s fear that firms are having to wait even longer to get paid.

        Pointing the finger, arrogant and shirking responsibility. HMRC’s appearance in front of MPs perhaps revealed more about the self-serving taxman than about IR35.

        Probing the off-payroll rules, PAC chair Meg Hillier mockingly accuses the top taxman of not normally inhabiting reality.

        Contractors at the sharp end of the tax year face limited options, lots of HMRC notices, and little to no room for ignorance.

        Latest Guides

        Explainer on escrow and how the payment platform can be used in contracting.

        10th March, 2022 | Money

        Overview of Scottish taxes, thresholds, and bands, plus IR35 considerations north of the border.

        10th March, 2022 | Money

        Overview to the writing down of assets over their useful lifetime, including why it matters.

        9th March, 2022 | Limited Companies

        When your limited company is inactive -- what to do; what you can forego, and where you’ll save.

        4th March, 2022 | Limited Companies

        As the term implies, going it alone as an HMRC ‘self’ assessor is possible. But it’s not for the faint-hearted.

        3rd March, 2022 | Money

        Why words are wisest to take care of the three Cs – Complexity, Certainty, Coverage.

        1st March, 2022 | Guide to Contracts

        ‘Great news for contractors’ is soured by a two-tier market risk -- and an oddity.

        28th February, 2022 | Successful Contracting

        Revealed: the best paying freelance technology opportunities in the UK today.

        25th February, 2022 | Successful Contracting

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